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All about Mechanics of Cars to Learn to Handle Unforeseen

Do You Know Everything About Car Mechanics? Most Brazilians do not. Was he fined? Download Free the Exclusive PDF of How to Tour Your Traffic Ticket! And it’s not about being a technician on the subject, or finding out how to know everything about cars. Even for those who are not exactly passionate about cars it benefits them by understanding the basics. After all, the maintenance of the car ensures its smooth operation, which helps save money because it avoids higher expenses in the future. Does it make sense to you now? So, answer: When was the last time you reviewed your car? Think calmly, for this is a question that involves the safety of your family. No, we’re not talking about the last time you drove your car to a mechanic. The question is about you and your car. Did you know that it is also possible to do the own vehicular maintenance? And it’s worth repeating: you do not have to learn automotive mechanics and master the subject. With small routine care, you ensure the longest life of parts and components. In addition, it does its part for the automobile to function perfectly. Of course, visiting a specialized mechanic is essential, but you can and should take good care of your vehicle. In this article we will demonstrate that it is not an impossible mission to know everything about car mechanics. Incidentally, it can be a lot easier than it seems to learn automotive mechanics. This way, you will be prepared to prevent problems and, in some cases, even make the correction. If all about car mechanics is the article you were looking for, read on and enjoy this knowledge as a basic mini course in mercedes outdoor car cover.

Problems and Mechanical Injuries in Cars

Car is a necessity for most Brazilians because it makes it much easier to attend to routine appointments, especially on larger commutes. But it is not immune to problems and unforeseen that can give a great headache to the driver. As examples we can cite the following situations: The car may simply not turn on because the battery has expired;

Overheating may occur ;

The brake system may be defective;

Damaged fuel may have impaired engine performance ; Car occupants may be breathing foul air because the air filter has not been changed to the specifications contained in the owner’s manual. In short, there are numerous situations that can generate stress and disrupt the driver’s plans. The tip is to know more about the major mechanical systems of the car . This is what we will discuss in the next topic of this article that brings all about car mechanics.

Main Car Mechanical Systems

The first mechanical system we will address is that of steering . But how does the mechanical steering system work? To explain, let’s take a ride on the article by Gionei da Rocha, professor of Senai (National Service of Industrial Learning) in Blumenau (SC). According to him, the steering system has components that work together. This causes the steering movement of the steering wheel to be transferred to the steering gearbox and also to the wheels . This is what allows the vehicle to maneuver under normal driving conditions. So what are the components of the mechanical steering system? Let’s go to them:

Steering wheel;

Steering column;

Steering box;

Steering bar;

Direction terminal.

You do not have to understand everything about car mechanics to know that a steering problem can have tragic consequences . But there are other parts of the car that also deserve much of your attention. In this other article on the G1 website, mechanical engineer Denis Marun lists 7 car parts that can cause a serious accident in the event of a failure. See what they are:


Tire ;

Shock absorbers;

Serpentine belt;

Wheel bolts;

Directional terminals and pivots.

Marun also notes problems in the power steering box or leaks from the hoses that supply the hydraulic oil. In these cases, he explains, the car’s steering wheel may suddenly stiffen. “Still, it will work. But if you are making a high-speed turn, there is the possibility of ending up ‘visiting’ the opposite lane, “he warns. Therefore, periodically check the mechanical steering system. We have one very important point to make about brake fluid: your change should be made every year or after a thousand miles – whichever comes first. But what is the brake fluid for? It has the function of making the braking system more efficient . After all, all drivers know by heart that it is impossible to drive a car without the possibility of braking. To understand all about car mechanics, it is worth knowing that the brake system can be divided into motor brake, parking brake and brake service. What is the service brake ? It’s the pedal of the car. What is parking brake? That’s what drivers call a handbrake. And what is the motor brake? It is the brake that accomplishes the reduction of the marches of the car. Now, do you know what fading is? As he wrote in this article of the site Cars Infoco Anderson Dias, technician in automotive mechanics, the fading corresponds to the weakening of the material of friction, that is, brake pads and pads. “These, when overheated, momentarily lose their power of friction. Consequently, the braking force of the vehicle is compromised, “he explains.

Warning: Fading can cause traffic accidents. Preventive maintenance is always necessary, especially the brake system. Imagine you are driving, needing to brake and not have to. It’s the perfect recipe for a traffic accident, do you agree So, now let’s talk about the mechanical suspension system . Its function is to absorb and follow the protrusions of the track, having in the damper its main component. And what is the role of the shock absorber? It serves to control the movement of the suspension, in addition to increasing the durability of the tires. The automotive journalist Vinicius Tarouco comments in this article that his main function is to provide the driver with more safety through the stability of the automobile  and add comfort at the time of driving. “In addition, it controls the movements of opening and closing of the springs thus maintaining the contact of the tires with the ground,” he says. But how long does it take to replace the shock absorber? It has a very high duration compared to other parts and components of the vehicle. For example, it is recommended that the air filter or engine oil be changed approximately every 10,000 kilometers driven. If your car has been revised and does not rotate through streets filled with holes, the damper can be changed from 100,000 miles . That is, ten times more mileage than the air filter and engine oil. But how do you know when the shock needs to be changed? One of the signs is when the driver feels some instability towards the car. Imagine that you are driving down a road with no holes and the radio turned off. If you feel the direction hardened or even emitting strange noises, possibly the shock absorbers need to be replaced. In the next topic, we will discover everything about car mechanics to deal with unforeseen issues , in addition to the daily cares to avoid problems in the vehicle.

All about Car Mechanics

The car is a machine with thousands of parts that need to be “tuned” to ensure the driver’s safety and security. By the way, do you have an idea of ​​how many pieces a vehicle owns? A Beetle has between 3,000 and 5,000 pieces depending on the year of manufacture. This is a classic car, full of charm, but also old. So how many pieces does a more modern car have? They vary from vehicle to vehicle, but it is estimated that the number is greater than 15,000 . Comparing with the human body, the parts of a car are like our organs. To take care of the health of the body, it is necessary to keep an eye on eating, exercising and keeping a calm mind. Already to have the car in full operation, it is necessary to supply, calibrate the tires, change oil and be alert to any warning signal. Oil change is a fundamental part of maintenance for proper operation. If there is a serious problem in the functioning of the organs, the human body will become very sick. In the case of the car, it may malfunction or even a break that will leave the driver in the hand. But how to avoid “diseases” in the car? Knowing everything about car mechanics or at least the basics already helps. That’s what we’re going to talk about now.

Daily Care To Avoid Problems

It is possible to avoid problems in the car if the owner take a lot of care on a day to day basis . Let’s start with the tires.

Tires: Do not forget that each vehicle has a tire model. And if you ask yourself how often a driver should check tire pressure , a good practice is to do this every two weeks. But what is the pressure indicated for the calibration? It all depends on your car. Check what the owner’s manual says and follow the instructions provided for your model. Make wheel alignment and have the tires inflated properly is very important to the car’s performance. The vehicle becomes more economical, the suspension has less impact and the tire life is increased.

Fuel: Another extreme care is with fuel. With the coming and going of prices and the increase in taxes that raised the values ​​at the pumps, it is important to be aware. Price research is always valid to pay less, but very careful about this “less”. Values ​​well below the other stations can indicate a fuel of doubtful origin. Imagine the car engine stalling because of adulterated gasoline . A nightmare, is not it? One tip is to not refuel at any gas station. Choose a reliable post. But what can happen to the car fueled with adulterated gasoline? According to the mechanic Ari Nunes de Almeida Júnior explained, in an interview with G1 , there are losses to the nozzles and candles, being able to arrive at the probe of the blade and, later to the catalyst of the vehicle. “The engine is in an extreme point, it can happen to spoil,” he recalls.

Air conditioning: A poorly regulated air conditioner does not only bring comfort to the driver and passengers of the car. Failure to change the filter on time, the engine may accumulate dirt and this impairs its performance. The replacement of the air conditioning filter should be provided by the owner of the vehicle every 10 thousand kilometers, on average. In addition to the mechanical issue, the filter provides better air quality. If you neglect this care, the health of the occupants of the car may be impaired because of the bacteria and fungi that are housed in the air filter.

When to Car Review

For you to know everything about car mechanics, we can not talk about the need to review the car. If you use the car daily to get to work, get your kids to school, or go to the gym, imagine how many problems a mechanical breakdown can cause. But how to lessen the chances of this happening? It’s very simple: make a periodic review of your vehicle. The car review helps prevent mechanical defects that can cause serious accidents on streets and roads. In other words, it is a care that can even save your life. The problem is that, in practice, many drivers only send the car for review before the holiday trip . Of course, this is an important moment, but it is day by day, especially in the middle of congestion, that the risks grow, since the engine and other components are more demanding. And there are those who do not send the car to the review because it is new or because it is too old.

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